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EV Charging Solutions JAYUAN is a professional EV Charging solutions company/inc that offer EV Charging Products & Solutions to satisfy your needs. As a professional EV Charging Products & Solutions company, JAYUAN provides a unique EV Charging system for EV Charging products.

Jayuan EV Charging Solutions

  • Commercial/Workplace EV Charging
    Commercial/Workplace EV Charging Commercial/Workplace EV Charging
    One of main applications of EV charging is for commercial/workplace EV charging. It is an effective way for companies to attract, retain and engage employees in that electric cars have been one of main vehicles for Commuting to work.
  • Home/Residential EV Charging
    With a gradually increasing of using electric vehicles, home/residential EV charging is necessary for electric car owners to install a residential EV charging station at home in that they do not need to wait for long line at public charging station.
    Home/Residential EV Charging
    Home/Residential EV Charging
  • Malls/Hotels EV Charging
    Malls/Hotels EV Charging Malls/Hotels EV Charging
    There are large scale of people using electric vehicles to go shopping or travel. So it is a good way for malls or hotels to install enough EV charging devices in order to attract more consumers.
  • EV Fleet Charging Stations
    We offer a range of electric vehicle charging solutions for corporate fleets, transit bus operators and other fleet organizations. EV fleet charging stations help make EV driving effortless and enjoyable.
    EV Fleet Charging Stations
    EV Fleet Charging Stations
  • On Street EV Charging
    On Street EV Charging On Street EV Charging
    Usually, people are likely to charge electric cars at night, on street EV charging solution is a convenient way to charge electric cars, and benefits for people without personal EV charging station.

Why Choose Jayuan

  • A Solution Provider Company with 27 Years History

    JAYUAN is driven by the goal to provide our clients with the best solutions for EV Charging systems, EV charging as well as provide customized product options to them. Thanks to our vast experience and the strong team JAYUAN is able to combine all the products and supply to our clients and of course, provide better options. 

  • A Supplier that Customized Complete Production Line

    As a thoughtful supplier, JAYUAN has a complete system line of EV Charging related products, from head to foot, JAYUAN builds them closer to perfect. Any customized requirements, such as OEM and ODM, SKU sticker, JAYUAN is glad to accept. It is an experience to serve our clients in these years.

  • A Top Service That Cover Every Step of Trading

    JAYUAN has a strict services system to protect the benefit of our clients. First of all, 24/7 inquiry response by JAYUAN professional sales. During the negotiation, the clients will get feedbacks on processes including Manufacturing, Packing, Inspection and Delivering. And JAYUAN After-sale department aims to deal with the possible problems that might happen.

Custom Cable

Structure and material for all types of power cables can be customized by JAYUAN
for our clients as per the requirements and usage of the product.
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