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1. Maintenance method of electric vehicle charging pile

When charging, you must pay attention to the charging time. Don't charge it all at once, as it will make the capacitor larger, which will only make the battery scrapped, and don't unplug it after a while. During the day, the electric vehicle charging pile can control the time well. Generally, it is enough to wait for the red light to jump to the green light and then float it!

Float time of 4 hours in winter and 2 hours in summer! Plug in the battery plug first, then plug it in again, and after charging is complete, unplug it first, then unplug the battery plug. Connect the EV charger to the battery and put the remaining socket of the EV charger into it.

Due to the inconsistent charging mode of electric vehicles in China and the late start, they are all crossing the river by feeling the stones, and there is no corresponding standard for reference. In addition, electric vehicle charging piles and cars are both new things. On the basis of production and research and development, everyone There is no experience, so the standard design for electric vehicle charging piles will also have deficiencies and corresponding defects. Some electric vehicle charging piles are still one car and one car, which can only meet the charging of one vehicle, which also causes the charging interface to be mixed. 

2. The development of electric vehicle charging piles

When charging an electric vehicle, firstly, the charging socket should be corresponding to the charging socket, and then the charging socket should be connected to the charging socket to observe whether the electric light is charging (generally, the red light is on, it means charging, the green light is on, it means it is basically sufficient, and the more you discharge, the longer the charging time).

The electric vehicle charging pile market is developing rapidly. Due to insufficient investment in the early stage, most of them are abandoned during the construction process. Therefore, in the future construction process, the advantages of electric vehicles are particularly important.

Before charging, the electric vehicle charging pile should check whether its equipment is in good condition, whether the cable is in good condition, whether it is rainy or winter, if there is no canopy, do not use the electric vehicle charging pile outdoors, so as to avoid danger caused by electricity. After the light bulb is lit, swipe the card on the host within three minutes, otherwise, unplug the electric vehicle charging pile, wait two minutes and then plug it back in again.

In addition, there are still many problems in the actual use of electric vehicle charging piles. During the stacking and construction of electric vehicle charging piles, designers found some problems. Corresponding measures have been taken to solve these problems, making it more safe, reliable, convenient and comfortable to use.

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