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LED solar street light is a current development trend, which not only responds to environmental protection, but also achieves the purpose of energy saving. Many township governments or companies that contract rural road lighting have chosen to purchase solar street lights.

However, because LED solar street lamps are an emerging product, many people do not know the price of solar street lights very well. In addition, the competition is fierce, and products are mixed, resulting in no transparent and real price in the market, or false standard of parameters, or ridiculously expensive. Below we will give you a detailed introduction to the pricing of rural solar street lights for your reference.

Rural solar street lights are priced at 500-1500 yuan (78-233 US dollars) for a set, which includes solar street light poles, lamp holders, photovoltaic panels, batteries, and shipping. The main reason why the gap is so large is the configuration, such as the height of the light pole, the size of the photovoltaic panel, the amount of battery storage and the material and power of the light source, are all factors that affect the price. Depending on the distance from the factory you purchase to the address where you actually use the lamp, the shipping cost is also different.

1. The power selection of the lamp holder of the LED solar street light

In rural areas, the power of the lamp holder is about 30-100W. The size of the photovoltaic panel and the amount of power stored in the battery depend on whether the local sun is sufficient. The configuration you choose is definitely different when the sun is sufficient or insufficient. The basic configuration of LED solar street lights is all configured according to 3-5 rainy days and need to ensure that the lights are on. The price is about 500-800 yuan (78-125 US dollars), it is relatively reasonable to choose the configuration between this price.

2. The freight and installation of LED solar street lights

In most rural areas, there are definitely no direct-sale manufacturers in the local area, but if you want to purchase from the source manufacturer, you must pay the freight yourself and find the installer. The freight depends on the actual distance, and the cost of the installer is based on the local reality. The situation determines that the installation of led solar street lights is actually very easy, so labor is basically not very expensive.

In fact, there is no specific price standard for the pricing of rural solar street lights, because the sunshine time in different regions is different, and customers have different requirements for street lights and other sources, so the requirements for LED solar street lights reported by each customer to the manufacturer are different. Yes, the final price is also high or low. Generally, the price of installing solar street lights in rural areas will be affected by such factors as the number of installations, installation configurations, and the need for light poles.

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