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  • Type1 EV Charging Cable
  • Type1 EV Charging Cable

Type1 EV Charging Cable

The cable conforms to the SAE Standard (USA) of EV Charging, which suits electric vehicles manufactured in America. As mostly customer had asked, it has a unique design that one button attached with a hole (reserved for the electronic lock to avoid stealing) on the top of the connector. The other option is Cable Spiral Type, it saves more space when stocking, nice solution for charging.

Features of Type1 EV Charging Cable

  1. Mostly E-Vehicle Workable.

  2. XLPO Long Life-span Cable Insulation.

  3. TPU Wear Resistance Sheath.

  4. Custom Double Color Coating.

  5. Application Charging: Workplace, Hotel, Residential, Public.

  6. 12 Months Warranty.

  7. 1 Phase, 3 Phase Optional.

  8. 15 Days Delivery Time(<100 pieces).

Specifications of Type1 EV Charging Cable

Insulation Resistance:>1000MΩ (DC500V)Operating Temperature:-30℃~50℃Shell (Thermoplastic):




Life:no-load plug>10000times
Pins Temperature Rise:<50KWaterproof IP Grade:IP55Contact Tube:Copper Alloy, Silver PlatedExternal Force:1meters Drop and 2tons vehicle run over pressure affordable.
Withstand Voltage:2500V////Insertion Force:<100N
Contact Impedance:0.5mΩMax//////

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