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  • Type1 EV Charging Cable
  • Type1 EV Charging Cable

Type1 EV Charging Cable

Our Type 1 EV cable conforms to the SAE Standard (USA) of EV Charging, which suits electric vehicles manufactured in America. As most customers had asked, it has a unique design that one button is attached with a hole (reserved for the electronic lock to avoid stealing) on the top of the connector. The other option is Cable Spiral Type, this kind of type 1 EV charging cable saves more space when stocking, a nice solution for charging.

As a professional EV charging cable distributor in China, Jayuan provides quality type 1 EV cable at great wholesale prices! Feel free to contact at any time.

Features of Type1 EV Charging Cable

  • Mostly E-Vehicle Workable.

  • XLPO Long Life-span Cable Insulation.

  • TPU Wear Resistance Sheath.

  • Custom Double Color Coating.

  • Applications: Workplace, Hotel, Residential, Public.

  • 12 Months Warranty.

  • 1 Phase, 3 Phase Optional.

  • 15 Days Delivery Time(<100 pieces).

Specifications of Type1 EV Charging Cable

Insulation Resistance:>1000MΩ (DC500V)Operating Temperature:-30℃~50℃Shell (Thermoplastic):




Life:no-load plug>10000times
Pins Temperature Rise:<50KWaterproof IP Grade:IP55Contact Tube:Copper Alloy, Silver PlatedExternal Force:1meters Drop and 2tons vehicle run over pressure affordable.
Withstand Voltage:2500V////Insertion Force:<100N
Contact Impedance:0.5mΩMax//////

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