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1. Cost savings

With the solar photovoltaic system, the family can better control energy costs. In addition to the shading and heat insulation effect of solar panel for home use, it can reduce the indoor temperature by a large margin and save air-conditioning costs. If you choose independent power generation for your own use, you will be able to obtain emergency power supply in times of emergency. More importantly, sound energy education can be carried out in the family.

2. Green and Environmental Protection

The sun provides an endless stream of light and heat every day. Start to install solar panel for home use to make the roof your exclusive generator, and at the same time help the earth have more green energy resources. Starting from ourselves, we can make the world more environmentally friendly. Starting from the roof, let solar energy take care of the whole family every day.

3. Home Solar Panel Installation

  • Prepare an inverter for converting direct current (DC) power into alternating current (AC) power to generate electricity;

  • Prepare a power controller with adjustable voltage capacity.;

  • Prepare the power controller for adjusting the voltage capacity.;

  • Mount bracket for solar panels;

  • Connect solar panels to rack equipment;

  • Install the solar inverter.

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