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In many remote places, especially in developing countries where energy is scarce, there is no guarantee that there will always be city electricity, and there is often a shortage of electricity. In this case, farmers cannot carry out traditional agricultural irrigation. Therefore, the solar photovoltaic agricultural irrigation system can solve this problem. As long as there is sun, agricultural irrigation can be carried out.

1. Solar water pump application

Solar photovoltaic water pumping system, also known as photovoltaic water pump, solar water pump or solar water pump, converts light energy into electrical energy through solar cell components, and then drives the water pump to lift water from low to high for farmland irrigation or human and livestock drinking. The solar powered pump system is mainly composed of water pumps, solar water pump inverters, photovoltaic modules, and irrigation equipment. The system, designed by the solar solution company, uses solar power to drive water pumps to lift water to replace the traditional diesel and city electricity irrigation systems. The entire system is convenient and reliable to install, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and efficient. This solar water pumps for agriculture can be used in mountainous areas, villages, farmland, orchards, flower gardens, etc.

2. Advantages of solar water pump

Solar water pumps are easy to transport and install, can be organized according to the needs of the farm, while the operating cost is extremely low. In the long run, these are the main advantages, coupled with their cost efficiency, which shows that solar pumping systems are an ideal solution for sunny areas and watery areas.

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