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The product is different from the regular motor-driven pumps as it is connected with solar panels and batteries for the supply of power. Solar-powered pumps are highly efficient, cost-saving as well as good for environmental protection. Due to the development of technology, the solar energy pump we supply is easy to install as well as easy maintenance, which makes the solar cell water pump a very good choice to be used in remote areas.

Solar pumps currently available are AC, DC, and AC-DC types. Each types of solar pumps has its own advantages and depending on the usage provides different options to the users. We have various types of solar powered water pumps for sale and the solar power pump price is very affordable. If you want to buy solar pump products, please contact with us.

FAQs of Jayuan Solar Pump

  • Q How Far Will A Solar Pump Push Water?


    One 12V 80 watts DC solar pump,can lift the depth of 25 meters.

  • Q Can A Solar Panel Power A Solar Pump?


    Yes, it is the most efficient way to powering the pump directly by the solar panel without the battery. Store water is easier than energy.

  • Q How Do You Build A Solar Pump?


    1st, we will need to check the max flow and max head with you. The flow is a daily consumption of a solar pump while the head is the distance from the inlet to the outlet.

    2nd, we will need to check the max power of the pump with you.

    3rd, we will need to check the inverter, the power of the solar panel with you.

    4th, we will need to check the cable specification with you if you have a request.

  • Q AC And Dc Solar Pump,which Is Better?


    DC solar pump is famous for its higher efficiency, and don't need an extra inverter for operation. The costs are higher too. While AC solar pump easy to repair and maintain in rural and remote areas.

  • Q What Is The Difference Between Dc And AC Solar Pump?


    Besides the inverter mentioned in the last question, the coil material also matters. AC solar pump uses a copper-clad aluminum coil to decrease the costs while DC solar pump uses a pure copper coil and a more advanced motor to serve a long lifespan.

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