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Introduction of EV chargers

Recharging an electric car is a very simple process, but it goes beyond simply plugging it into the power.  Carrying out the recharges properly will always ensure that the state of the battery of our car is optimal, and therefore the performance of the car as well.

In the recharging process, factors such as power (Watts), voltage (Volts) and intensity (Amps) intervene, but also the type of battery that the car carries, or the cables that connect the vehicle to the pole, the plugs or the charging station you use.

Types of EV chargers

Schuko type domestic connector, responds to the CEE 7/4 Type F standard and is compatible with European power outlets.  It has two terminals and an earth connection and supports currents of up to 16 A. It is only used for slow recharging and does not have integrated communication. We can find it in multiple appliances.

SAE J1772 connector, or Type 1, sometimes also known as Yazaki. It is a specific North American standard for electric vehicles.  It has five terminals, the two current, the ground and two complementary, proximity detection (the car cannot move while it is plugged in) and control (communication with the network). Level 1, for slow charging, supports up to 16 A. Level 2, up to 80 A, for fast charging

Mennekes connector, or Type 2, is a German industrial type connector, VDE-AR-E 2623-2-2. There are two types: single-phase, up to 16 A, for slow charging, and three-phase, up to 63 A (43.8 kW) for fast charging.

Combined Single Connector, or CCS, has been proposed by North Americans and Germans as a standard solution.  It has five terminals, for current, earth protection and communication with the network. Supports both slow and fast recharging.

Scame connector, or Type 3, also known as EV Plug-in Alliance, is mainly supported by French manufacturers. It has five or seven terminals, either for single-phase or three-phase current, ground and communication with the network. Supports up to 32 A (for semi-fast recharge). You will not find it in Hyundai models marketed in Europe.

CHAdeMO connector, is the standard of the Japanese manufacturers. It is specifically designed for fast recharging in direct current. It has ten terminals, ground connection and communication with the network. Supports up to 200 A of current intensity (for ultra-fast recharges). It is the largest diameter, both the connector and the cable.

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