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  • AC Solar Pump

AC Solar Pump

AC type solar pumps are widely used on private and commercial bases. The efficiency of AC pumps is not as good as DC pumps but it has several advantages due to it being cost-effective as well as easy for maintenance. It requires an invertor to operate and the complete system is fully equipped with AC type system solar panel and batteries. Please consult us.

  • Features
  • Applications
  • IV-Curves

Features of AC Solar Pump

  • Oil-filled motor, with pressure regulating film, stable and reliable operation.

  • Single-phase motor built-in B class oil resistance capacitor and hot mode protector.

  • Available with pump shell and plug, single-stage floating impeller.

  • Install in boreholes 3 inches or larger.

Applications of AC Solar Pump

  • Home water supply.

  • Construction work.

  • Building and factory.

  • Irrigation and small water work.

  • Landscaping & watering gardens.

  • Water conservancy system.

IV-Curves of AC Solar Pump

IV-Curves of AC Solar Pump

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