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Jayuan Cable Material Wires include most types of wires, suits many kinds of cables. As one of the best copper wire manufacturing companies, we ensure that our copper power wire cable for our consumers.

Suit as conductor for coaxial cable (RG Cable), electric wire, elevator cable, network cable, PV cable.

-Copper Wire

Bare pure Copper, great conductivity.

Welcomed well in the domestic market.

Copper Wire

-Tinned Copper Wire

Better Corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.

Tinned Copper Wire

-Stranded Copper Wire

Lower operating temperature, higher mechanical and flexibility.

Stranded Copper Wire

-CCA Wire

Copper Clad Aluminum Wire.

Cost-effective choice, nice conductivity.

CCA Wire

-CCAM Wire

Copper Clad Aluminum Magnesium Wire.

Better Tensile Strenth.

-CCS Wire

Copper Clad Steel Wire.

Conducting weak current signals.

CCS Wire