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  • Off-Grid Residential Solar System
  • Off-Grid Residential Solar System

Off-Grid Residential Solar System

Jayuan Off-Grid Residential Solar System is the workable choice for clients far away. The whole house off grid solar system consists of a solar module, controller, inverter and battery. Somewhere such as remote,none-electricity, island, telecommunication base station or street light shall install it for an automatical generation.

Otherwise, Jayuan also glad to provide an on-grid solar system like utility, commercial as clients' requirement, just send us the enquiry!

  • How to build
  • Differences
  • Duration
  • Value

How do you build an off-grid solar system?

1st, we will need to know your power demand;

2nd, we will calculate how many solar batteries you need;

3rd, we will figure out your location, and how many pieces of solar panels were needed per year;

4th, we will choose the inverter and controller with you;

5th, we will calculate the balance.

Off-grid and on-grid solar system, what is the difference?

The basic difference is tied to your local utility's grid or not. If off-grid then need an extrasolar battery to store the energy for back-up.

How long does off-grid solar battery last?

Normally the service life will be 4 to 5 years, depending on the frequency of use.

Is it worth choosing an off-grid solar system?

Even though costs will be slightly higher, if you want to be completely independent of the grid, then it is a good choice for you. We highly recommend an off-grid solar system where on-grid power is unstable and full of sunlight.

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