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Fleet Charging has plenty of usage scenarios. JAYUAN SOLUTION EV Charging solution can fully adapt them.

Some big companies construct EV Charging Depots for their employee, the workers leave their work vehicles being charged at the Depots overnight and return in the morning.

In response to the call of the government's policy, some bus fleets change their fuel vehicle to electric vehicles. These electric bus has zero emission, and can get charged at the starting and the ending stop.

But what the last and the most used scenario is Fleet Charging Sites for Online car-hailing like Uber, Didi Chuxing.

On August 1 2019, Didi announced a joint venture with BP to build new energy charging stations in China. Earlier on June 26, Didi signed a strategic partnership with Nanwang Electric, which will see in-depth cooperation in mobility, charging, car sales and leasing, and aftermarket services. For ride-hailing drivers, time is money, so quick charging is the first choice, followed by a parking fee. On the quick charging pile, the pure electric car can be fully charged in 50 minutes and run 200 kilometres.

JAYUAN SOLUTION provides EV Charging Sets suit for any Fleet Charging Sites, let us join your new energy plan.

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