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1. Daily maintenance skills of wires in EV charging pile

(1) Regularly check the insulation performance of wires in EV charging pile

Generally speaking, a good quality charging pile cable has good insulation effect, but the charging pile cable may be worn out under long-term use. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of the charging pile cable, it is necessary to regularly check whether the insulation part of the charging pile cable is complete and insulated and whether the effect is excellent. The cables and wires of switches and sockets must not leak. Only in this way can the safety and durability of the charging pile cables be guaranteed.

(2) Keep EV charging pile wires away from water sources and damp locations

The charging pile cable has a certain degree of waterproofness, but there will still be certain safety hazards in too humid places. Therefore, when installing the charging pile cable, it should be far away from the water source to avoid the short circuit problem of the charging pile cable due to moisture. And avoid contact with wet ground and water when moving the charging pile cable, so as to ensure the safe use of the charging pile cable.

(3) Avoid excessive load on EV charging pile wires

Nowadays, domestic professional EV charging pile cables have multiple sockets of different powers, which can meet the requirements of charging electric vehicles of different powers. However, in daily use and maintenance, attention should be paid to not using excessively high-power chargers on a charging pile at the same time to avoid damage to the charging pile cable due to excessive load.

2. Requirements for the use of EV charging pile cables

EV charging pile cables are used to connect electric vehicles to the power supply. It is one of the key equipment of the EV conductive charging system. The performance of this type of product will have a direct impact on the safe and reliable operation of electric vehicles.

(1) In terms of function, the EV charging pile cable is a carrier for transmitting electric energy connected between the electric vehicle and the charging pile. However, modern charging technology has higher requirements for the charging process, that is, information transmission between the electric vehicle and the charging pile is required, and the charging action can be appropriately controlled.

(2) The safety performance of electric vehicles has always been the focus of attention in the industry, and its safety has been highly valued. On the basis of ensuring excellent insulation performance, EV charging pile cables should also have high aging resistance and heat resistance. At the same time, they must also have good low-smoke flame-retardant properties to reduce possible injuries and losses in accidents.

(3) Generally speaking, there are two modes of use for EV charging pile cables: one is to be placed on the car, as the car is used in different environments; the other is to be placed on the charging poles on occasions such as roads, shopping malls, parking lots, hotels, and garages. Either way, the charging pile cable may be affected by adverse conditions such as sunlight, weathering, oil pollution, humidity, freezing, etc., and it is likely to be bent and dragged during use, which will inevitably cause damage such as scratches, abrasion, wear and crushing of the cable. All of these must have higher requirements on the flexibility and mechanical properties of the cable.

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