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  • About Jayuan Solar Solution

    Company Profile

    Hangzhou Jayuan is a solution and export company committed to providing our clients with the best quality products related to the field of solar energy as well as electric vehicle charging. Our main focus is to give our clients the best solutions in the field of new energy.
  • With the help of OEM manufacturing units and a team of experts, JAYUAN is able to give the best service to the customers. We take great pride in our work especially design, product quality, and after-sales services to ensure we are fully committed to our clients throughout the whole process as well as in the long term. Our products are exported around the world such as Europe, the Middle East, and the African market. Our experienced staff and certified products ensure the satisfaction of end-users. Our charging solutions include complete solar system charging and can be customized according to the requirements of each customer.

Our Culture

  • Jayuan Solar Solution and EV Charging Supplier Value


    Here in Jayuan, honest and teamwork are top valued. We are energetic and eager to provide great services to our clients. We trust that everyone in the team matters, it is us together consist of a whole unity, not only fight for our own personal better life but also make efforts to gain the great reputation for our beloved brand - JAYUAN.

  • Jayuan Solar Solution and EV Charging Supplier Vision


    Jayuan's vision more like two eyes of a human.

    One is for basic foundations. Wires, Cables to meet the needs in construction, transmitting a signal, electricity around.

    The other one is for the future. New Energy that well-used in EV Charging and Solar Power will be the mainstream in decades.

  • Jayuan Solar Solution and EV Charging Supplier Mission


    Jayuan has 27 years of experience in the field. We have already gained a great reputation in the local area, and it's time to spread the charm.

    Solid mission just as the copper colour with Jayuan logo.

    To serve every client well, to make the team gain the achievement.