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  • Type2 Portable EV Charging Cable

Type2 Portable EV Charging Cable

The cable conforms to the IEC Standard (EU) of EV Charging, which suits electric vehicles manufactured in European countries. For better convenience, it has a simple design that no button on the top of the connector. It consists of Control Box and EU Plug at the tail end, a nice solution for charging.

Features of Jayuan Type 2 Portable EV Charging Cable

  • Matching IEC 62196-2.

  • Ergonomic design.

  • Convenient connector.

  • Advanced craft shows a nice appearance.

  • Longer lifespan and better bending thanks to XLPO & TPU material.

  • The control box of these Type2 electric car charging cable types can display the current, voltage, charging state, and temperature of the circuit.

  • IP66 for IC-PCD, IP55 for a plug.

  • Currents are switchable.

  • Inner intelligent chip - Fix minor charging problems automatically when working.

Specifications of Type2 Portable EV Charging Cable

Insulation Resistance:>1000MΩ (DC500V)Operating Temperature:-30℃~50℃Shell (Thermoplastic):



Flame Retardent

Life:no-load plug>10000times
Pins Temperature Rise:<50KWaterproof IP Grade:IP66/IP55//External Force:1meters Drop and 2tons vehicle run over pressure affordable.
Withstand Voltage:2500V////Insertion Force:<100N
Contact Impedance:0.5mΩMax//////

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