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  • Cable Material Wire
    Basic material wire of many cables. To save costs fit different application it will mix with other metals. Like Copper Clad Copper Wire(CCC), Copper Clad Aluminum Wire(CCA), Copper Clad Aluminum and Magnesium Wire(CCAM), Copper Clad Steel Wire(CCS).
  • Coaxial Cable
    For CCTV/CCAV short distance signal transmission.
  • Elevator Cable
    Flat Traveling Cable to connect machine room with elevator car. Now we have various elevator cable for sale.
  • Network Cable
    Well know as CAT5, CAT6, etc; Type can be UTP, FTP, SFTP.
  • Optic Fiber Cable
    Faster than Network Cable to serve a quick speed.
  • Optic Fiber
    The raw material of Optic Fiber Cable, and other applications as signal transmission.
  • Patch Cord Cable
    It is used in optical fiber communication system, optical fiber access network, optical fiber data transmission and local area network.
  • PV Solar Cable
    Used in connection with solar solution products.