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Solar panels are normal technology nowadays, but in real life, rarely can see used in solar panels on the car, because the current market realize the commercialization of thin-film solar panels by rare earth elements, such as indium, gallium or toxic metals such as cadmium, but this type of thin-film, has a high cost, difficult to apply to problems in life scenes.

According to media reports, a team of scientists at the Institute of Science and Technology in Daegu, South Korea, has been conducting experiments to find cheaper, richer, and more reliable elements to make solar panels with.

The thin-film solar cells are made from non-toxic, abundant, low-cost, durable, and sustainable bronze and brass base materials. But scientists have yet to solve a difficult problem because the technology has a drawback, the thin-film technology in the "annealing" process can appear a variety of defects, so it is still working on the solution.

In addition, the team says that if the problem is solved in the future, more efficient solar panels will be introduced. This solar panel can be applied to all aspects of life, the most important point is, if successful development, the future of pure electric cars will also be more secure.

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