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Any EV driver is anxious about the low battery volume of their vehicle. On street Charging Sites can solve their worries immediately. JAYUAN offers the on-street Charging Solution by providing EV Charging Sets that fits this urgent situation.

Generally, an on street charging station has an area that divides parking places for each vehicle. Some communities have not installed charging points yet, the EV owner has to park the vehicle on street and get it charged. Also, some EV owners don't have residential charging equipment or they have but it charges too slowly, they would like to find a charging point on street nearby.

To install the on street charging site, a good network and power supply is obbligato. For it is installed on street, so normally the users need to pay the one-off bill. Quick Charging would be welcomed by the customers, and the different types of charging piles need to be noticed.

Get JAYUAN EV Charging Sets, the only thing you should consider is how to install them.

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