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1. The function of the mobile electric vehicle charging line

As a carrier for electric vehicles to obtain external energy supply, mobile electric vehicle charging lines must have the function of transmitting electric energy. However, with the development of new energy vehicles and breakthroughs in related technologies, charging lines that are only limited to transmitting electrical energy have also been eliminated. In addition to the main function of transmitting electric energy, the charging cables equipped with most charging stations on the market also have the function of transmitting the corresponding battery power and the overall information status of the charging vehicle to the charging pile.

The intelligent mode is not only a requirement for new energy vehicles, but also a requirement for charging stations, charging piles, and even electric vehicle charging lines. Of course, to ensure the safety of car charging, it is also necessary for EV box charging lines to monitor the entire charging process in real-time when the car is fully charged to ensure the best interests and safety of consumers.

2. The future development of mobile electric vehicle charging line cables

Most of the EV box charging line cables in China are produced and constructed by the two standards issued by the International Electrotechnical Commission. Although the standards referenced by countries around the world are different, the safety principles followed in the production process are the same and the materials used with them are similar. Although there are some differences, it does not affect the later use.

In terms of the future development standard requirements of electric vehicle charging lines, based on the safety of pure electric vehicles, the designer must also consider the performance and safety of electric vehicle charging lines in many aspects, which must be based on the selection of materials. The addition of relevant flame retardant materials is also to prevent the phenomenon of spontaneous combustion of new energy mobile electric vehicles when charging.

In summary, although the electric vehicle charging line is a supporting facility built on the development of new energy vehicles, its safe use will also greatly affect the property interests and life safety of consumers. Therefore, the electric vehicle charging line The production must be by the corresponding standards, and the supporting production materials must also be complete and up to standard.

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