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1. Infrastructure construction of electric vehicle charging piles

The construction of charging infrastructure is a systematic project, not a simple problem of electric vehicle charging piles. We can see that the lack of understanding of charging infrastructure in the past few years has led to our lack of understanding of charging infrastructure construction now. It follows this process, which is explained below regarding public charging points.

Keep in mind that the charging time is more than 12 hours, and charging for a long time can seriously damage the battery and affect the battery performance. Electric vehicle charging can be achieved through ground charging piles or electric vehicle charging piles. The main function of ground charging piles and electric vehicle charging piles is to effectively stop the power supply of electric vehicles.

In addition, the AC charging pile (bolt) should also have the function of leakage at the output end. Although the charging station is not monitored by personnel due to its own function, daily safety inspections need to be arranged to confirm whether there is any equipment failure at the charging station. The battery is charged and discharged at the same time, which will cause great damage to the battery and should be prevented.

2. Classification of electric vehicle charging piles

Electric vehicle charging piles can be divided into DC charging piles, AC charging piles and AC-DC integrated charging piles. The above-ground charging piles are divided into four subsystems: power distribution system, charging system, battery dispatching system and charging station according to their functions.

The equipment should be checked regularly, and the daily maintenance work should be done well to provide stable and lasting services for the community users. Friends who own electric vehicles should all know that after charging for a period of time in summer, the wires will become very soft. The safety of charging in summer is very worthy of everyone's attention. With the promotion of residential charging stations in recent years, many residential areas have unified A charging station is installed so that the charging time can be controlled when the electric vehicle is charged, so as to avoid a series of injuries caused by improper charging for a long time.

When charging, do not use any irregular intermittent charging method for uninterrupted charging. Now the charging ports of new energy vehicles in China's major OEMs seem to be different, and the specifications, models, and power seem to be different, but with a converter, most problems can be solved.

In the layout of electric vehicle charging piles, the location of each vehicle charging pile should be considered, and the electric vehicle charging piles should not be too concentrated, making it difficult for people in marginal areas to find electric vehicle charging piles. Pay more attention to site survey before installation.

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