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Nowadays, whether it is a battery car or an electric vehicle, it is necessary to use electric car charging piles, and many communities also have intelligent charging piles. How are these electric vehicle charging piles charged? In addition to the old-fashioned charging piles that are prepaid by card and coin, the new billing method is based on electricity, and how much is charged for how much electricity is charged. Generally, commercial electricity is about 1.8 yuan.

Ⅰ. Charging methods of electric vehicle charging piles

1. Commercial fast charging piles

The current new energy charging pile charges are mainly based on electricity, but the electricity price in different regions is different, so the specific price will be different, but the price of the general commercial charging pile is about 1.8 yuan, and the battery capacity of the new energy vehicle 200 kilometers is about 31 kilowatts, that is to say, it needs about 31 degrees of electricity, and it takes about 55.8 yuan for a full charge.

2. Home slow charging charging pile

The home electric vehicle charging pile is to use household electricity to charge the car. The price of electricity is tiered, which is the same in different regions, but generally around 0.5 yuan. Also taking 200 kilometers as an example, it takes about 15 yuan for a single charge. It will be more and more expensive, but it is generally cheaper than commercial fast charging, but the charging speed is also slower.

Ⅱ. Payment methods for electric vehicle charging piles

There are now three payment methods, coin-operated, card-swiping and code-scanning. Relatively speaking, coin-operating and card-swiping are old-fashioned payment methods and are prepaid methods. This method has a big disadvantage, that is, users complete charging in advance. , the remaining fee cannot be refunded, which is a loss for the user. Although it does not seem to be much, it is still a bit of a waste.

The new scan code payment is more convenient to use, you can check the charging status through the mobile phone, and you can pay immediately after charging, so that you can pay at any time without overpaying, so generally the newly installed electric vehicle charging piles are paid by scanning code.

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