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Poly solar panels have multiple crystals of silicons instead of single crystals as in the monotype, which results in the loss of efficiency and requires a much bigger size of the panel to get higher efficiency. For the large areas and off grids often polytype is preferred due to the lower cost of the product. Product is customized and selected based on the requirement of the power which needs to be generated. Several panels can be combined to generate more power as required, which requires to be connected with a suitable system and require a suitable environment to work more efficiently. Now, we have polycrystalline solar panel with different watt for sale, for example, 50w,100w, 200w, 250w and 300w polycrystalline solar panel.

Features of Poly Solar Panel:

  • High module efficiency through superior manufacturing technology.

  • No power loss thanks to improved temperature co-efficient caused by 4 busbars solar cell.

  • Strictly control the micro-crack of solar cells and the other non-visible defect of internal modules.

  • The module can bear snow loads up to 5400Pa and wind loads up to 2400Pa.

  • Manufactured according to and certified international I Quality and Environment Management System.

  • Using advanced low reflection and high light transmission glass and cell sheet surface cutting technology, in the weak light environment can also play a good performance.

Specification Of Poly Solar Panel

Maximum Power at STC(Pmax)250W330W500W
Optimum Operating Voltage (Vmp)30.68V37.73V56.16V
Optimum Operating Current (Imp)8.15A8.75A8.904A
Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc)36.9V44.89V66.74V
Short-Circuit Current (Isc)9.033A9.621A9.605A
Solar Cell Efficiency (%)17.4619.219.21
Solar Module Efficiency (%)15.371717.27
Operating Temperature-40to85℃
Maximum System VoltageDC1000
Maximum Series Fuse Rating15A
Power Tolerance0~+3%
STC: Irradiance 1000W/㎡, Modules Temperature 25℃, AM=1.5

Certificates And Warranties Of Poly Solar Panel

  • ISO
  • CQC
  • CE

IEC61215, IEC61730, CQC, CE, TUV  /  ISO9001:2008  /  ISO14001:2004  /  BSOHSAS18001:2007

10 years product warranty 25 years power warranty

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