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EV box charging is very important for electric vehicles. How to charge electric vehicles intelligently and quickly is the most important research and development of many automobile manufacturers.

For electric vehicles, the charging device must meet the requirements of safety, convenience, economic cost, efficiency, and so on. The common charging methods currently on the market include conventional charging methods such as charging pile charging stations, battery replacement, and wireless charging. Way. Let's take a look at the knowledge of new energy electric car charging cable types with us!

Ⅰ. Precautions for using EV charging cable

1. It is recommended to charge it every day, so that the battery is in a shallow cycle state, and the battery life will be prolonged.

2. During use, the charging time and charging frequency should be accurately grasped according to the actual situation. Overcharge, over-discharge and undercharge will shorten the battery life.

3. Avoid plug heating during charging. Excessive heating time will cause a short circuit or poor contact with the plug and damage the charger and battery. Therefore, when the above situation is discovered, the oxide of the electric vehicle charging cable should be removed in time or the connector should be replaced.

4. Be sure to follow the instructions on protecting the charger in the manual, and try to protect the charger to prevent vibration. In addition, keep the charger ventilated when charging, otherwise, it will not only affect the life of the charger but may also affect the charging status and cause damage to the battery.

5. Periodically discharge the battery completely once, and then fully charge the battery. A regular deep discharge of the battery is also conducive to "activating" the battery, which can slightly increase the battery's capacity.

Ⅱ. The functional requirements of EV charging cable

The electric vehicle charging cable is the carrier connecting the electric vehicle and the charging pile, and its basic function is to transmit electric energy. However, with the development of charging technology, in order to better complete the charging process, it is necessary to communicate between the electric vehicle and the charging pile and perform automatic control when necessary.

Therefore, the charging process puts forward higher requirements on the electric vehicle charging cable types. The charging cable not only needs to have the function of power transmission but also needs to transmit the status and information of the vehicle and the power battery to the charging pile for real-time interaction. Under necessary conditions, Control the charging action to complete the charging process safely and reliably.

At present, the safety of electric vehicles has become a key focus of the industry. Due to a long time, high current intensity, and high frequency of cable use in the charging and discharging process of electric vehicles, its safety should be highly valued. On the basis of ensuring good insulation performance, electric vehicle charging cables should have high heat resistance and aging resistance. At the same time, they should have good low-smoke and flame-retardant properties during combustion to ensure that losses and injuries are minimized.

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