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Jayuan Solar Solution provides a series of wholesaling solar energy products including:

  • Types of Chinese solar power products with good prices: common poly, mono, and special invisible solar panels with great efficiency;

  • The whole solar power monitoring system consists of required parts no matter on-grid or off-grid;

  • Various residential or commercial solar power system solutions: AC / DC or DC solar water pump with many types of inverters, solar lighting power systems for the home or commercial use: control fancy style solar street lights and solar lights else that suits other applications;

As a reputable solar products company, we sell our solar energy products and solar power solutions around the markets of  North America, Africa, and Europe. And we provide various and affordable wholesale solar products price. So we have gained common certificates like CE, TUV, ROHS for most of our solar products made in China. As well, with our business expands more countries, other certificates for types of solar energy products also are under applying to meet our clients' needs. Our company now have plenty of solar home lighting systems and provide green solar energy system solutions, solar power and renewable energy solutions and other solar home energy solutions for our customers.

Types of Solar Power Products & Solar Energy Solutions for Sale

  • Solar Panel

    Jayuan not only has the most common kinds of solar panels such as poly type and mono type, considering privacy protection, but also make our efforts to provide a way of customizing invisible solar panel that all black surface.
  • Solar Pump

    Jayuan has 3 main types of solar water pump generally. First, DC external controller type, it has gel battery and controller to ensure its self running; Second, DC internal type, without controller; Last, AC/DC external controller type, this type of solar products made in China can work by supplying A/C power directly.
  • Solar Street Light

    Jayuan solar street light uses all in one solar PV/photovoltaic module design to avoid extra maintenance. The smart solar lighting control system has great security to protect function and makes lifespan longer by adjusting the illumination. Each solar PV module sets only a mono solar panel to keep high efficiency for the solar lighting system. Jayuan also welcomes customers to pick other solar lighting PV/photovoltaic monitoring solutions like solar garden lighting system, solar flood lighting system and so on.
  • Off-Grid Residential Solar System

    Jayuan off-grid solar system is more likely a case to help to understand the potential demands of someplace that far away from the grid, such as remote mountainous areas, no electricity areas, island and communication stations. Apparently, an off-grid solar system is a unique self-running system consists of a solar module, controller, battery and inverter to work alone. The solar monitoring system with its optional watts is a green solar energy solution that provides eco-friendly power. And the solar power system solution can be applied for home, commercial, industrial and even utility.

Why to Buy Jayuan EV Charging Products?

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Solar Power?


  • Save Power Bills

    A proper solar power system with good prices could save your power bills even to $0 rather than pay the bills each month to the utility company.
  • Clean & Renewable Solar Energy Solution

    ​The solar power and renewable energy solution is a type of solar cleaning electric solution that transmitting sunlight to provide electric energy. There is no pollution while using solar energy products.
  • Remote Area Attention

    Someplace remote is not grid-tied yet, so it's a better choice to mount solar systems for energy but cost expensive efforts to set the grid.


  • High Up-Front Cost

    When you're looking for great benefits, in the long run, you must acknowledge that the prices of solar power systems or solar modules will be from thousands to five figures.
  • Sunlight Dependent

    Solar energy cleaning solutions have their limits. If the solar panel can't get enough sunlight by the weather no matter cloudy, rainy and snowy, the solar energy products can't work efficiently as themselves.
  • Costly Storage

    As consumables, solar energy batteries are the most expensive price part of solar power systems. So please use solar energy products when really necessary.

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