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AC/DC Solar Pump

AC/DC Combination pumps are the hybrid type with a dual system. This product is mainly used for small-scale systems instead of commercial use. The motor used in this pump is a brushless DC motor, which has much higher efficiency as compared to the AC motor.

The complete system contains:

  • Solar panels(DC)

  • Battery(DC)

  • Generator(AC)

  • AC power grid(AC)

This product is very easy to install and also can reach a depth of 200 meters which makes the product highly efficient.

  • Features
  • IV-Curves

Features Of AC-DC Solar Pump

1. With high efficiency permanent magnetic motor, efficiency improved 15%~30%.

2. Environmental protection, clean energy, can be powered by both solar panel and battery.

3. Over-load protection, under-load protection, lock-rotor protection, thermal protection.

4. With MPPT function.

5. Much longer lifespan than the normal AC water pump.

IV-Curves Of AC/DC Solar Pump

AC/DC Solar Pump

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