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1. Lamp holder power of LED solar street light

The power of the lamp holder of the LED solar street light is the drive efficiency of the controller, which needs to be determined according to the specific installation environment. The higher the LED solar street light pole, the better the lighting effect, and the higher the lamp holder power is naturally required.

2. Load working hours per day of smart solar street lights

The current solar street lights are all intelligently designed smart solar street lights. They are generally brighter when the night is relatively lively. At this time, they usually work at 100% full power. When the night is quiet, the brightness of the LED solar street lights is smaller, maybe only 50%. For power work, when calculating, take the equivalent full power work time.

3. Charging efficiency of solar street light controller components

Controller charging control methods generally have two types: PWM and MPPT. The corresponding charging efficiencies of these two types are different. PWM has a three-stage charging method of strong charging, balanced charging, and floating charging, which can well solve the battery charging dissatisfaction. The problem of short service life, but not as good as MPPT in terms of charging efficiency.

The charging stage of the MPPT solar controller is divided into MPPT charging, constant voltage equalizing charging and constant voltage floating charging stage, which can make the solar street light system always charge the battery with maximum power, so the charging efficiency is also very high, and the price is several times that of PWM even dozens of times, which still needs to be based on one's own needs, and the relevant parameters can be based on specific components.

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