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First to know, there are two kinds of EV Charging Cable:

AC(Alternative Current) Charging Cable and DC(Direct Current) Charging Cable. DC Charging Cable has large current and high rate of power, they are normally equipped with Fast EV Charging Station. So on the contrary, AC Charging Station or Portable EV Charging Cable are generally used for home.

1. AC EV Charging

The AC EV charging cable can be divided into 3 electric car charging cable types, Type 1(American Standard), Type 2(European Standard) and GB/T(Chinese Standard). Of course, Tesla has its own standards for charging ports, however, under pressure, Tesla also began to change its standards according to the market situation to make its cars more suitable for the market, just like the Chinese Tesla must be equipped with the GB/T standard charging port.

(1) Type 1

Charging Port SAE J1772, called J-plug as well.

USA, South Korea, and Japan mainly use it, including AC EV Charging Station and Portable EV Charging Cable.

In order to accommodate this standard charging port, Tesla would also have to provide a gun adapter so that Tesla cars could use the public charging point of this Type of charging port.

The type 1 EV charging cable provides 120V(Level 1) and 240V(Level 2) in voltage.


(2) Type 2

Charging Port IEC 62196-2

Type2 is the interface standard for new energy vehicles in Europe, and the rated voltage is 230V.  Seeing the picture may be a little like the GB/T standard, in fact, it is easy to distinguish, and the black part is hollow out.


(3) GB/T

Charging Port GB/T 20234

Since January 1, 2016, China has stipulated that as long as the charging interface of each brand of new energy vehicles produced in China must meet the standard GB/T20234, after 2016, the domestic production of new energy vehicles, do not consider whether the charging port is suitable for the standard because it has been unified standards.

The rated voltage usually is 220V.


2. DC EV Charging

DC charging guns are generally equivalent to AC charge guns, each region has its own standard, with the slight exception of Japan. The DC charging gun interface in Japan is CHAdeMO. Of course, not all Japanese cars use this DC charging port, and only some new energy models of Mitsubishi and Nissan use the following CHAdeMO DC charging port.


American standard Type 1 corresponds to CCS1: it is mainly to add a pair of high current charging holes at the bottom.


European standard Type 2 corresponds to CCS2.


Chinese standard of DC charging:


The rated voltage of DC charging pile is generally above 400V, and the current reaches several hundred amperes. Therefore, it is generally not for household use, but for quick charging stations set up in shopping malls and gas stations.

You can enjoy a secure and stable EV charging experience by using Jayuan vehicle charging cables, and also give us a chance to design products according to your requirements.

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