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Nowadays, many users have a very large demand for LED solar street lights, but the solar induction street lamp industry is now very competitive, and it can be said that there is a mixed bag. So for consumers, how to choose a good outdoor solar street light product is very important, how to buy it? 

Today JAYUAN provides some suggestions for the purchase of solar street lights.

1. The principle of choosing LED solar street lights on demand

Calculate the required battery capacity and quantity of LED solar street lamp according to your own needs.

2. The principle of safe selection of solar LED street lights

You should choose a battery manufacturer with a famous brand and a distribution agent with technical strength and good service.

3. The cost-effective selection principle of LED solar street lights

According to product quality, some battery life is only 2-3 years, and some battery life is as long as 10 years. Compare and choose the battery that is more suitable for the user. Of course, for outdoor solar street lights, batteries and solar panels are important components, and the light source part of the lamp is also the key content of the selection, such as which system is suitable.

Now customers will use 3.2V system solar street lights and 12V system solar street lights. The lamp is selected correctly, it can be lit only when it is used, and the light board and the controller are indispensable.

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