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EV Charging Box Installation

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    Find A Licensed Electrician Make A Home Assessment

    The electrician would assess if your home has a capacity of Level 2 EV Charging Grade. Normally the EV manufacturer also provides this kind of service Upgrades at your own expense may be necessary. You can choose a wall-mounted charger, easy and convenient to change anytime. The total cost can be anywhere between $200- $1200, which up to the real condition.

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    Determine Rate And Meter System Which Applied To Your Home.

    Select the electric rate that matches better for your desired meter setup. You can enrol at any residential rate with your existing metering then you could pick a suitable EV Charger.

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    Start The Electrical Work

    After they are getting ready, the licensed electrician would do any necessary services and install your new EV Charger.

FAQs Of EV Charging Box

FAQs Of EV Charging Box
  • Q: Where Are EV Charging Box Used?

    Convenience is the core of Jayuan EV Charging Box. It can be used for residential, commercial and community. It can be portable and mobile too.

  • Q: What Are The Types Of EV Charging Box?

    Wall box, portable box and mobile box.

  • Q: What Are the MOQ Of EV Charging Box?

    The MOQ of Jayuan is 1 piece.

  • Q: What Are The Shipping Method Of EV Charging Box?

    Normally ship by sea. But small quantity can follow clients' request ship by air, like DHL, FEDEX and so on.

  • Q: Is EV Charging Box Easy To Install And Use?

    Yes, all the EV charging box are easy to install and inside the packing will have an instruction book. You can also ask our technique staff for online help.

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