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It is no wonder that getting the EV charged at home is the most common usage as a retail consumer of JAYUAN SOLUTION. To serve our Home & Housing Societies clients, we spend more effort on design and development to adapt the application.  As one of the EV Charging Equipment manufacturers worldwide, JAYUAN SOLUTION is always on the way to follow the times, we want the JAYUAN brand a new sign that stand for high quality.

Normally the home voltage is 220V, it can only supply AC slow charging speed, so it’s better to charge the EV at night and in the morning, the car is full of power again. What's more, the small current of home charging makes EV batteries have a longer lifespan.

JAYUAN Portable Mode 2 EV Charging Set is a great SOLUTION for Home use, it has those features below:

  • Display screen control box

  • Current and Voltage real-time

  • Temperature monitor

  • Smart Protection Function

  • Chinese Standard & European Standard.

Home EV Charging has its convenience, just spend seconds to plug in, and leave the car being charged overnight. JAYUAN SOLUTION EV Charging Sets wish you to enjoy the fresh full energy EV for the every "next morning".

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