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After a home installs a photovoltaic power station, it is inevitable that there will be such a situation: dust, fallen leaves, bird droppings, etc. accumulate on the surface of the module, which greatly affects the power generation of the photovoltaic power station, so it is necessary to clean the solar panels for home use regularly. According to industry statistics, frequent cleaning of solar panels for home use can effectively increase power generation by about 8% each year. So, how to clean solar panels for home use? How often is it appropriate to clean? What is the best tool to clean solar panels for home use? Today, we will answer for you one by one.

1. How to clean solar panels for home use by yourself

(1) If there are no special circumstances, there is no need to spend money to find a professional operation and maintenance team. The cleaning tools for solar panels for home use are also relatively common. Commonly used are high-pressure water guns, soft brushes, cotton mops, etc. These tools are very low-cost and easy to use.

(2) When cleaning, if there is only a small amount of dust on the surface of the solar panel for home use, simply rinse it with a high-pressure water gun.

(3) If there are granular contaminants such as sand and mud on the surface of solar panels for home use, you can use a high-pressure water gun to wash away the particles, and then scrub with a soft brush to prevent the particles from sticking to the solar panels.

(4) If there are viscous pollutants such as bird droppings and oily pollutants on the surface of solar panels for home use, wipe it off with a clean cloth, clean it with glass water, and finally rinse with a water gun.

(5) It should be noted that in the process of using the high-pressure water gun, pay attention to the pressure of the high-pressure water gun. Excessive water pressure may cause damage to the solar panels for home use.

2. What matters should be paid attention to when cleaning solar panels?

(1) It is best to choose to clean it in the early morning, evening or night, avoiding high temperature periods such as noon to avoid damage to solar panels for home use.

(2) When cleaning, pay attention to avoiding using hard and sharp objects to directly touch the solar panels for home use.

(3) Do not step on solar panels for home use, brackets and other parts, which may damage the power station and affect the service life.

According to the current industry operation and maintenance experience, in winter and other rainy and snowy seasons, it is generally sufficient to clean it once a month (if there is snow accumulation, it should be cleaned in time), and it can be cleaned twice a month in the rest of the month. In areas with strong winds and sand and dust, the cleaning depends on the specific situation.

(4) It should be noted that: try not to use soapy water when cleaning modules of solar panels for home use. Usually when we wash our hands with soap, there will be a thin film on our hands. For the same reason, after cleaning the modules with soap, a layer of film or residue left on the surface of photovoltaic modules will encourage dust to adhere and accumulate more quickly, which will affect the power generation capacity of the power station. In addition, other corrosive cleaning agents should not be used.

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