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When it comes to electric vehicle charging piles, I wonder if you have noticed more and more electric vehicles on the road, that is, new energy electric vehicles. The construction of electric vehicle charging piles is to serve electric vehicles. Since its construction, electric vehicle charging piles have been favored by the majority of car owners, and have also begun to be popularized throughout China, allowing the majority of car owners to receive certain services.

Ⅰ. Characteristics of electric vehicle charging piles

The reason why the electric vehicle charging pile is so popular is mainly that its characteristics meet the existing needs of car owners, mainly as follows:

1. Provide human-computer interaction; provide DC and AC charging interfaces;

2. With voice prompt function; with credit card function;

3. With the function of printing receipts;

4. Real-time communication with BMS to obtain information such as power battery type, monomer voltage, remaining capacity, temperature, alarm, etc.;

5. Send control commands and switch signals to the charger to control the start and stop of the charger, and obtain the status information of the charger;

6. With the connection status judgment and interlocking of the charging interface.

Ⅱ. What are the operation methods of electric vehicle charging piles?

1. Government

Invested and operated by the government. The advantage is that the promotion is strong, and the disadvantage is that the financial pressure is large, the operation efficiency is low, and it is not necessarily suitable for marketization;

2. Enterprise

It is invested and operated by the enterprise, and is matched with the sales of electric vehicles and the production of charging piles. The advantage is that the operation and management efficiency is high, and the disadvantage is the lack of unified management, which may lead to disorderly competition;

3. User mode

Users invest in the construction of charging piles to meet the needs of their own vehicles. Due to the rapid decline in the cost of electric vehicle charging piles, the promotion of home charging facilities may usher in a high-speed growth opportunity. It can realize the effective connection between the charging pile and the customer, but at the same time, the customer needs to bear the higher construction cost, and it can also become a profit model through operation;

4. Mixed mode

Participated and supported by the government, and enterprises are responsible for the construction. The advantage is that the government and enterprises can complement each other and promote the development of the industry faster, but the disadvantage is that it is greatly affected by the policy;

5. Mode

By integrating the government, enterprises, society and other forces to participate together. The advantage is that it can improve the utilization rate of social resources, adapt to the market, and pay attention to user needs. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to integrate the interests of all parties, and ultimately depends on the guidance of policies.

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