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Why Choose EV Charging Station

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    EV Charging Manufacturer

    Jayuan as one of EV charger manufacturers and trading companies in China, any related products' price is controllable.

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    Strict Quality Control

    Jayuan never forgets quality keeping, hence every batch of goods will be check by our QA department.

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    Whole System Line And Flexible Payment Terms

    Jayuan has a whole system line of enquiry support, product test, customize services, after-sales services to meet all your needs. And we have flexible payment terms, please consult us with your necessary business information for more if required.

FAQs Of Jayuan EV Charging Station

FAQs Of Jayuan EV Charging Station
  • Q: Where Are EV Charging Station Used?

    Convenience is the core of Jayuan EV Charging Station. It can be used for residential, commercial and community. It can be portable and mobile too.

  • Q: What Are The Types Of EV Charging Station?

    Our EV charging station is distinguished by charging speed, which is KW.

  • Q: What Are The MOQ Of EV Charging Station?

    Our MOQ is 1 piece.

  • Q: What Are The Shipping Method Of EV Charging Station?

    Normally ship by sea. But small quantity can follow clients' request ship by air, like DHL, FEDEX and so on.

  • Q: Is EV Charging Station Easy To Install And Use?

    Yes, all the EV charging station are easy to install and inside the packing will have an instruction book. You can also ask our technique staff for online help.

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