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“Trip with Low Carbon” is widely accepted nowadays, many people drive EV while going out for shopping and travelling. It is reported that Malls and Hotels that has EV Charging Site can be a better choice when the customers are thinking.

JAYUAN SOLUTION EV Charging Sets adapt to Malls, Hotel and other Public Charging applications.

There are already many star hotels working with Tesla, Kerbspace or other Electronic Industry. As the story of the CNN, what EV Charging Equipment they supplied can charge nearly all kinds of EV in the market.

For example, Destination Hotel in USA, more than a half of them have equipped with EV Charging Station. Jamie Sabatier, CEO of Two Roads Hospitality, said it expanded Inbound and Potential client base. “We have received praises about our EV Charging Station from many clients, who all had enjoyed meals or spent one night at our hotel.”

Once a hotel has entered into a partnership with a partner, the next step is to determine which charger model matches the market needs. Electric cars typically take anywhere from 30 minutes to 12 hours to recharge, giving guests the option of staying for a drink or an overnight stay.  When hotel lobbies are equipped with cafes, bars and even shopping plazas, electric vehicle charging devices could significantly increase hotel revenues.

Although the EV Charging Site in the hotel itself cannot make many profits at all,it is vital to make the clients stay here longer.

JAYUAN EV Charging Sets would love to offering the customers a timely and cozy travel period together.

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