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Why Choose JAYUAN EV Charging Socket

  • 01

    IP55 Waterproof and above

  • 02

    Well Conformed With IEC and SAE Standard

  • 03

    Self R&D Achievement

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    Durable Quality Use Test Passed

FAQs of EV Charger Socket Types

FAQs of EV Charger Socket Types
  • Q: What Is an EV Charging Socket?

    You can regard the electric vehicle charging socket as an updated version of electrical socket, but just for EV charging. There are many company have its own charging charger socket types.

    1. GBT (China)

    2. Combo (Europe)

    3. CHAdeMO (Japan)

    4. Tesla

    5. CCS

  • Q: Are All Electric Vehicle Charging Sockets the Same?

    In general, the EV car charging sockets need to be paired with the compatible electric car charging cable types. So, not all electric vehicle charging sockets are the same.

    There are 5 main stream EV socket types:

    1. Type 1 SAE Standard

    2. Type 2 IEC Standard

    3. GB/T CN Standard

    4. CHAdeMO (DC Current)

    5. Combo CCS (DC Current)

  • Q: Can I Charge an Electric Car Using a Home Plug Socket Rather Than a EV Socket?

    Firstly as a conclusion, you can. But the only problem is, it charges too slowly to use. Normally 10A for home current, it takes about 40 hours to charge EV from empty to full; and 16A takes around 25 hours. So it is better to install a home EV charging set.

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