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JAYUAN SOLUTION is committed to manufacturing EV Charging Components for Offices and Workplaces-Commercial Charging that with high quality and excellent design. The consumable feature makes these components need to be replaced as time goes by, which requires a stable quality and anti-ageing design.

However, these components still have their lifespan, replacement is unavoidable when they were worn out.

1. What workplace is it suited for?

  • Office Buildings

  • Shopping Malls

  • Supermarkets

  • Cinemas

2. What would it be like?

Firstly, on the basis of charging speed, there are two types of EV Charging Methods: General Charging and Quick Charging.

Secondly, the Charging Piles would be mounted on the wall or be fixed on the ground at the Public Facilities, like parking lots, charging stations etc.

EV Charging Components of JAYUAN SOLUTION suits most models of Electric Vehicle, cars can be charged by different voltage levels.

It does not a long time operation of Public Commercial EV Charging, for this special charging procedure, we highly recommend JAYUAN SOLUTION DC Quick Charging Plug. Instead of AC Charging, DC Charging has bigger power that offers a fast charging speed.

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